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Casesense Technologies Ltd. is an integrated "SmartCase" technology solutions startup company.

We are working on solutions that will change the way the world delivers sensitive valuable materials.

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Unsolved Delivery Challenges

Sensitive, Valuable Materials Delivery Today

Today's piecemeal, non-integrated solutions result in lack of ability to provide detailed, reliable data, both in real time and historically, to the various stakeholders in the delivery chain.

This lack of data can lead to sub-optimal experiences for all stakeholders:

  • Direct and indirect losses for originators, deliverers and receivers (businesses and patients/consumers)
  • Damaged sender reputations
  • Annoying, frustrating (and, in extreme cases: even harmful) receiver experiences

Industry numbers* are staggering:

  • 10-15% of all vaccinations are received damaged or degraded because of shipping problems!
  • 25-30% of discarded medication is attributed to logistics problems!
  • 15-20% of temp-sensitive products and materials are damaged during transport due to temperature excursion.

Overall, an estimated  $15B  in direct (product) losses are attributed to mishandling of healthcare related materials during shipping!

* Sources: WHO, PDA,, other Industry estimates

Work with Casesense!

Join us as we create the next generation of "SmartCase" solutions

  • Pharmaceuticals companies
  • Traditional pharmacies
  • Online Internet ePharmacies
  • Healthcare providers who prescribe medicine or use lab services
  • Bio-laboratory services providers (diagnostics, research, pre/clinical)
  • Lab solutions or equipment vendors
  • General or specialty courier delivery and freight service providers (3PL/LPLs)
  • Operators or vendors of courier delivery vehicles (Vans, trucks, scooters, cargo bikes, etc.)
  • Any other company or organization that has a need for "SmartCase" technology

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We're still "Under the Radar"

...But keep your eye on this space... exciting Smart Case news is coming soon...!

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